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Join us on CPhI in Milan 9th - 11th November 2021
Join us on CPhI in Milan 9th - 11th November 2021

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CPhI 2021 - Join us in Milan

Dear valued business partner, dear future business partner,

We are very pleased to announce that the Losan team of experts will be attending CPhI in Milan to meet with our business partners and to establish new contacts with future business partners.

We are even more pleased that finally the direct and personal exchange will be possible again after such a long time, since CPhI could not take place last year due to Corona and traveling was hardly manageable for an eternity.

As a full-service CDMO, we are able to meet our customers’ rising expectations concerning innovative product development, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, and modern facilities.

Losan has successfully passed inspections by the U.S. FDA, ANVISA, Russian and Turkish Authorities and numerous customers to supply medicinal products to the worldwide market.

Talk to us about the following topics:


Development of innovative products from design to commercial manufacturing based on meeting specific release profiles, optimized bioavailability, improvement of solubility, active stabilisation, taste masking and improved administration, including clinical trials supply.

Technologies to be applied are: HME and nano formulations, pellet coating, granules, effervescent and oro-dispersible formulations, retard formulations and stick packs.


Conventional solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and effervescent tablets. Various packaging options for oral solid dosage forms such as capsules, tablets in blisters, granules, mini tablets and pellets in stick packs, granules in sachets or effervescent tablets in tubes.

New: Contract manufacturing services for liquids in bottles, enemas and semi solids.


ICH stability studies, method development, method validation and method transfer.

Do not hesitate to contact us and to make an appointment: cphi@losan.de

We look forward to meeting you at the CPhI Milan 2021

The Losan team of experts





Willkommen im Newsroom von Losan Pharma

Wir sind ein innovatives Pharmatechnologie-Unternehmen das sich auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung moderner Arzneimittelformen mit optimierter Wirkstoffperformance spezialisiert hat.
Als CDMO-Partner der pharmazeutischen Industrie für die Auftragsentwicklung und Auftragsherstellung, bieten wir unseren Kunden seit 1992 innovative Lösungen für feste, halbfeste und flüssige Darreichungsformen. Für unsere Kunden fertigen wir Produkte, die weltweit in über 70 Ländern vertrieben werden. Mit unserer Auftragsanalytik unterstützen wir Pharmaunternehmen jeder Größe bei ihren Herausforderungen im Bereich Rohstoffanalytik bis hin zur Methodenentwicklung und -validierung.

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